The Dangers of Biological Weapons are Too Real

Could our nation be defeated by the use of biological weapons?  Most people believe that biological weapons can only be used for terrorist attacks on a small scale.  This includes our governmental agencies….and that is the biggest problem.

As I was researching in preparation for writing our book, Weapon of Jihad, I was astounded at the way our officials believe that we are invincible.  One such incident involved a military official I found at a public event.  As a high school teacher, I had taken a group of students to ‘Space Day’ at a local Air Base in Texas.  As we wandered through the displays, we came across a display of a bio suit.  Being in the process of writing the book, I decided that I really needed to research this display so I began a conversation with a man who was standing there looking official. I introduced myself and told him that I was doing research for a book about a biological attack on our nations  He told me that I had found the right person….he was in charge of the medical response to any biological attack in South Texas.  So I thought that was great and I immediately began to question him.

“So, what would you do if there was an outbreak of smallpox?”

“We would isolate the victim and vaccinate all the people that he/she had contact with.”

“I found that you only have three field hospitals for such outbreaks.  What would you do if the outbreak was nation-wide?”

“Oh, that can’t happen.  These things always begin as a single patient.”

“Really?  Well, what if …..” and I laid out the plot of my book that involves the mailing of scratch-off postcards, laced with smallpox, to one-third of the American families.  As I described the details of the plot, he stood there staring at me and his mouth came open wider and wider.  Then, I finished my description of  the plot.

“I’m glad you’re on our side,” he finally said after he regained his wits.

“Yes, but what about all of the Iranian students in my microbiology classes who know what I know and were called back by the Ayatollah?  What do you suppose they are doing over there for the Ayatollah?”

Actually, this was the inspiration for my book.  I asked myself that very question as I watched all these students pack up and go home.  Then, when I went to get my new baby’s shots started, I noticed that there was no smallpox vaccination (OK…I am probably dating myself here…it was 1978).  When I asked why there was no smallpox vaccination listed, I was told that it had been eradicated.  My first thought after that declaration was that smallpox would be a really great bioweapon in about twenty-five years.  Think about it.  Most of the nation’s fighting force would be unprotected.

And that is where we are today.  Yes, certain troops are vaccinated.  But not very many.  And none of our population is vaccinated due to worries over  vaccine side effects, which are considerable.  Yes, we have enough vaccine for one-half of our population, but it is all in Atlanta.  Did you see the H1N1 vaccine fiasco?  How long did it take to get vaccine to your city or town?  It took six months for our town to get any vaccine.  With smallpox, you have a four-day window between exposure and it’s just too late.  Obviously, that would not happen.  Besides, how hard would it be for terrorists to blow up our vaccine supply at the beginning of the attack?  So…we are still vulnerable to this horrible biological attack… and our nation’s leaders are oblivious to it.

What if we were hit with smallpox across the nation and an enemy used this salvo to weaken us in preparation for a military attack through the Texas/Mexico border?  That is the subject of our book.  It is available on as a paperback or as an ebook.


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About Karen Crumley, author

Karen Crumley received her B.S. in Microbiology from Texas Tech University. After working for a while at the Texas Tech Medical School research department, she taught High School sciences for 26 years before retiring. She presently lives on a ranch and writes.

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