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Bio Martyrs

This week I watched an episode of Joe Rogan Questions Everything about the very real possibility of biological warfare. Instead of the possibility of Smallpox being used as a mass weapon becoming smaller, it seems that many of our leaders now fear this scenario more than ever before.

We wrote Weapon of Jihad over a decade ago as fiction. On 9/11, some of what we wrote became history instead of fiction. The completely fictional governments of Iran and Iraq that we set up have almost formed exactly as we described them. We wrote in 1999 that Saddam would be removed (which was ridiculous at the time) and that Iraq would become a puppet government of Iran with the withdrawal of our troops from the nation. So, that much of our fiction has proven to be prophecy.

Fast forwarding to today brings us even closer to the horrific events outlined in our story. Yes, we have enough vaccine to cover half of the American population, but it is all in Atlanta. It would never be distributed within the 4-day window required between exposure and it’s too late. It would not even be recognized within that time frame. The government now refers to what we called volunteers as Bio Martyrs. Bio Martyrs are willing to die to be used as a method of disseminating biological weapons to the enemy. 

Here’s hoping the rest of the story never really happens. If you would like to look up our book, go to Weapon of Jihad on and read more about the book and its plot.